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nexus car spa package

Our Spa package includes following services for our trusted customers.

SPA DETAILING (CAR)                                               

PRICE:- 7000 Rs                                                                             

Exterior Foam Wash
Exterior Wax/Compound/Machine Polish
Swirl removal
Light buffing and polishing
Monogram cleaning/shining and dressingnexus spa detailing high quality
Windows cleaning
Trunk carpet removal and cleaning
Engine wash/clean and Degreasing
Engine polishing
Wheels Cleaning
Rims cleaning and polishing(shine)
Interior Cleaning (Vacuum, blower)
Complete Interior detailing
Interior Polish
Seats out and cleaning
Carpet removal and cleaning
Clay treatment and Decontamination
Polymer paint coating (3 Months protection)


PRICE:- 9000 Rs

Exterior Wash

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